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Student First Day

Student First Day

by mySOUL Web Admin -
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January 16, 2021


Dear Students, 

Welcome to the second semester! 

Please be reminded of the following:



1.      You now have access to all your virtual classrooms. If you have missing classrooms, please do the      following:

          a)  Stay calm.

          b)  Make sure you have activated your mySOUL account. Click here for the procedures to activate your mySOUL account.

          c)  Check your mySilliman. 

          d)  If the subject is approved (officially enrolled), fill-out this form

          e)  If the subject/course is not yet approved, contact your adviser/department. The contact directory is found here


2.      If you wish to be accommodated, add, transfer, drop, or withdraw a subject/course, contact your department. Your virtual classrooms will be updated 24 hours from the time you are officially enrolled/dropped to a subject. If still you cannot view the updated classroom, refer to No. 1. 


3.      If you have other questions, go to this link



              We are still processing your virtual classrooms. Please wait for further announcements.


For your guidance. Thank you very much.