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mySOUL October Updates

mySOUL October Updates

by mySOUL Web Admin -
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Dear Teachers/Students:

Greetings of peace, joy, and love!

We are happy to announce the following mySOUL updates:

1. The private messaging feature in mySOUL is already up and running; teachers and students can now send                         messages thru private  messaging for a faster response time.

2. iOS users can download, install and login to the mobile app using SU Email login details. The following are the                steps in setting up mySOUL in the app:

     a) Using your mobile device, go to App Store and search for Open LMS.

      b) Download the app.

     c) Input mySOUL’s address

     d) Log in using your SU email login details.

     Note: The minimum operating system specification is Android 9 for Android phones/tablets and iOS 12 for Apple products. With the mobile app, you can a) easily access course content b) connect with classmates; c) receive instant notifications of messages  and other events, d) track your progress and more - both online and offline.

3. By the second semester, the open forum feature will be disabled, giving way to a more updated forum                          feature. The forum feature allows the grading of students and categorizing of the grades.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding. Rest assured that the team is continuously working on giving valuable updates to mySOUL.

Dave E. Marcial

Director, SOUL